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4 Tips to Make Your Website Design Process Easier

Before you begin your website design creation process, you’ll want a clear idea of how you want your site to look. This requires a bit of research on your part, to be absolutely sure that what you eventually get is exactly what you want. The following four tips will help you navigate through the design process of having your new website built.

1.    When you go to a new hairstylist, sometimes it’s helpful to bring pictures of the haircut you want so that your stylist has a very clear example of the look you’re trying to achieve. The same is true for your website. Take a look around at different websites – both within your market and outside it – to get ideas for how you’d like your site to look overall, and the layout of the home page. Things like sidebars and menus can be customized and moved around. Make a note of what you like about these websites, and the web address of the sites, so you can deliver that to your web developer. This will ensure that the site that is delivered to you meets your expectations.

2.    Choose your color palette carefully. It’s possible that you’ve already had a logo designed that you are using in other areas of your business. Utilize this same logo on your website and choose a coordinating color palette that is clean, uncomplicated, and easy on the eyes. Your web designer will be able to give you many tips on what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of color. The best advice is to keep it simple!

3.    Consider the purpose for your website when looking around for ideas. A simple one-page information site will be much less complicated than an e-commerce site where customers will go to shop, so give your web developer an array of sites you’ve look at that closely resemble not only the look you want, but the function your site will have as well. For instance, a one-page site will not have a menu, so look online at similar sites for your design ideas.

4.    Listen to your web design professional! Your web developer will know how to get your site looking and functioning the way you want it to, and their advice regarding such should not be overlooked. Remember that it is less about how you want your site to appear than it is about how your site appears to your potential clients and customers, so let your designer do the job that you’ve hired them to do!